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Why is the publicity stunt; Hendall happening? One Direction related posts.

One Direction star Harry Styles has been linked to many local celebrities from Lucy Hale to Taylor Swift. But Kendall Jenner is one of the most recent yet!

From the first date in late 2013 to a more recent attendance to a concert Kendall and Harry have been spotted not only at public events but at a midnight stop at a local Walgreens market. At a concert Harry was seen displaying public affection towards Kendall and putting an arm around her. Later to have seen of getting a tattoo that reads ‘Silver Spoons’ which in a way is to have a connection from the concerts lyrics they were at. But the hot mess started at the concert when Harry mistaked a woman for Kendall and hugged her from behind.

But don’t worry directioners its all just a big publicity stunt!

Obviously in the picture that was taken of the PDA at the concert there is a random, yet mysterious spotlight just above them. Kris Jenner probably for the PR stunt put it there herself.

In the picture Harry looks like he is choking Kendall not romantically hugging her. Looks more of a chokehold to me.

Before the concert but after the ‘romantic’ dinner Harry referred to Kendall as dull and boring Kendall later of to hearing of the harsh words from Harry said “It hurts to be called boring.” & later attended the concert together.

Many rumoured them to be dating ; they’re not!